"If you just be safe about the choices you make, you don't grow." - Heath Ledger.


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Brief and not particularly exciting post on chlogoes.tumblr <3



Okay WOW. It’s been a while once again. I hate the fact that I’ve completely gone off Tumblr these past few months ;__;… thanks to ya’ll who are still here haha.

Anyway - UPDATE! In about 3 days I’m going… TO JAPAN~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! I’m so, so excited!!!! It doesn’t feel real at the moment, but I cannot wait! I’m going for a month before also jetting off to Australia and New Zealand. In total I’ll be away for 4 months ^^

I will be making a blog (it won’t be this one) to document ma travels so once that’s up I’ll link it here for anyone to follow if they wanna.

Anyway… OFF I GO~~~~

→ Anonymous whispered : I miss you. Not on here, just in general. Major crush, okay.

;_;. That’s super sweet… I wanna get back on here. Idk what’s stopped me.

Never been this stressed in my life ;__;.

I’m never on here anymore. I’m sorry.
Should I come back… idk…

I got a freakin’ Wii U for Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone~!

Wow life really does suck sometimes.